Oh Judice, if I weren’t already married…

12 May

The Lawrence Welk sketches on Saturday Night Live could possibly be one of the funniest sketches SNL has consistently churned out over the course of the last decade. Mostly because of Judice, played by Kristin Wig. She’s hands down the funniest cast member on the show. This past weekends sketch got me thinking of the last time the Finger Lakes sensations made an appearance. Kristin would know a thing or two about the Finger Lakes, being from Rochester, New York:

Rochester, New York is about 5 hours from Ottawa and for anyone who grew up with cable tv in the National Capital area, it was our first real glimpse into life in a US city. For me it will always be the home of Gabe Dalmath:

The Rochester Amerks:

…and the Great House of Guitars:

If I were on drugs, that tv spot would’ve blown my mind man….

Oh yeah, here’s the last time the Finger Lake sensations made an appearance on the Lawrence Welk show, snl styles:

The Finger Lake sensations


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