C’mon Montreal, you’re classier than this…

13 May

I grew up as a fan of les Glorieux in my hometown of Aylmer, Quebec. To be honest, I didn’t know a single person who cheered for anybody else. I refuse to acknowledge certain members of my family who may or may not cheer for a random group of clowns called the Maple Leafs:

I’ll admit it, being a Habs fan was in my blood, my Grand Uncle, Leo “Le Gazelle” Gravelle played for Montreal back in the late 1940’s. So suck on it. I was at the Montreal Forum for Guy Lafleur’s final game in the NHL, I remember my Mom got me his autograph on the back of her pack of Rothmans while the Flower made an appearance at Les Galleries D’Aylmer. The joint was packed! I remember bawling my eyes out the first time the Nordiques eliminated the Canadiens in the playoffs:

I know that wasn’t the clip of the Nordiques knocking out the Habs, but to hell with it. While I hope they get another team in Quebec City, the Habs fan in me still thinks they suck.

But c’mon Montreal, you’re better than this:

Think this image is good for the NHL? Idiots. Not the true fans, but the parasites who thought the best way to celebrate was to smash a window on St. Catherine and grab as much shit as they could find. What the hell were the cops doing? Did they not think that this could happen? Did they just move to the city? Did they forget this?

Too bad, cause they’re on a hell of a run. Go Sens Go however and stay classy.


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