G20 Protest. The forgotten people…

30 Jun

Wow, that G20 summit sure was a hoot eh?? It marks the very first time I actually felt sorry for Toronto. Never mind the billion dollar security cost. Never mind the fake lake for the journalists. Never mind that a few idiots cost many people their democratic right to protest. Never mind that people were held against their will and let’s never mind the unbelievably difficult position the cops were in. Admit it, G20 was a clusterf*ck on all accounts. Agreed? Good. But let’s take a moment and think about the people who were really hurt the most by this. The small business owners? Nope. The people who make a living on tourism in the big smoke? Try again. No my brothers and sisters, the people, or should I say, person who was most hurt by all this was THIS GUY:

He may be batshit crazy, but dude can rock quite the ‘stache.


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