10 Nov

What a month! Mrs. Cubby & the fur kids have finally made it out east. Trust me, you haven’t lived until you’ve driven 1435 km’s with two cats who DO NOT travel and a hound dog mix. I would like to thank Red Bull for making the drive possible, I would also like to blame them if I end up not being able to have children, or, god forbid, make me pee flousrescently like some sort of minotaur. (ed. note. Not even sure if flousrescently’s a word.)

One thing is for sure, Halifax is one of the most AWESOME places in Canada! Great food:







(ed. note. I ate this last night, for real!)


Great people:








And great amounts of rain. Jeesus, enough already!









(ed note. I actually saw this at the corner of Cogswell & Gottingen)


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