An open letter to Habs fan…..

22 Nov

An open letter to Montreal Canadiens fan.

Dear Habs fan, I think we need to have a quick chat. For the most part, I’ve very much enjoyed the way your team handles things on and off the ice, not counting the odd riot or two. The closing ceremony for the fabled Montreal Forum was quite possibly the single most emotional night I’ve ever seen when it comes to hockey. Not counting the year the Ottawa Senators won the Eastern conference championship, oh, I forgot to add, I’m an Ottawa Senators fan. But, I was born in la belle province, like many of you, blindly raised as a Montreal Canadiens fan. My Grand Uncle played for les Glorieux. I cheered when they beat Boston and Toronto in playoff years gone by, and as a child, shed tears when they were knocked out of the playoffs for the first time by the Nordiques. I know first hand the history of the greatest franchise in professional sports. I accept your past glories, I look up at your 24 Stanley cup banners with envy. I’ve been to games at Scotiabank Place to see my Sens take on the Bleu, Blanc et Rouge and even in the odd game that ended in a Sens defeat, I admit that you’ve added a special atmosphere to the games, what with your singing and chanting and carrying on. You truly are the classiest organization in the NHL, no one honours it’s greats better than the Montreal Canadiens. But on behalf of hockey fans everywhere, RELAX! IT’S ONLY NOVEMBER!!!!!! Seriously, save some of that for April, Trigger….


Your friendly neighbourhood Cub Carson


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