Cub For Regis

29 Nov

No, it’s not a charitable campaign to raise money and awareness for people named Regis who may or may not have fallen on hard times. No, this is purely self serving and ego driven. Like pretty much every other male radio announcer in the free world, I want to fill in for Regis Philbin on LIVE with Regis & Kelly. They’re currently looking for a male radio personality to fill in for Reeg. Since I fill at least one of those requirements, I figured what the hell! I love Regis, I do a balls on impression of the man and most importantly, I want a free trip to New York City. Oh, I work for LIVE 105 in Halifax, the name of the show is LIVE. COME ON!!! How can this NOT happen? It’s fate, it’s karma, it’s kismet. It’s a chance to wear the shoes of the man that saved an entire television network. If you do one good thing in your life, make it this. Short of begging, I can’t think of anything else to say, so I’ll beg. Please, for the love of the baby Jesus, please vote for me. Check out the video from my friends at Rogers Daytime TV in Ottawa.

Please feel free to share 😉


Vote here!


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