1 Mar

Up until this past Sept, I had never been to Halifax before. Always wanted to visit, but up until I started to work at LIVE 105, I had never set foot in Canada’s Ocean Playground.

One thing I kept hearing about was how amazing the food was here in the Maritimes, BOY, THEY WEREN’T KIDDING!!! I’ve had the chance to hit quite a few of some of the best restaurants in Halifax and over the course of the next few weeks, I’ll review them right here on this blog. Right out of the gates, I’ve had no formal food training. I’m no fancy schmancy smarty pants when it comes to eating, I’m just a slightly overweight dude with a decent appetite.


Recently, Mrs. Cubby and I had the chance to try out one of Metro’s BEST places to eat, Chives Canadian Bistro. Consistently ranked as one of the top restaurants in Halifax, it’s easy to see why. It’s not a snobby, exclusive kind of restaurant, it’s got a more laid back feel to it. Outstanding service! You never feel like you’re being rushed, have you ever felt like that in certain restaurants? Not the case at Chives. I like a menu that has a variety of choices. I LOVE this part of the country, fresh seafood, terrific pork, chicken and beef. We decided to share an appetizer, Bourbon Barbequed Braised Bacon. How can you NOT love that? It’s basically bacon wrapped with bacon!!

One of the main reasons we moved out here was to dive into the world of seafood and I was happy to see that Chives offered a wide selection of seafood. I decided to go with the pan seared sea bass. The fish was tender packed with flavour and was served on a potato puree with winter leeks:


Mrs. Cubby opted for the P.E.I beef duo, beef tenderloin, braised beef short rib, handmade potato gnocchi with wild mushrooms:

Paired it up with a nice bottle of wine, a Jackson Triggs Reisling from Niagara Falls, and that’s it baby, no room for desert! But if we did go for it, I would’ve grabbed the warm caramel banana eclair. Can’t wait to try out the menu for this spring! OUTSTANDING!



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