Oh Mr. Sun, Sun, Mr. Golden Sun!

25 May

Where the F**K are you????? Seriously? We’ve had what, SIX days of sun so far this month? This is an outrage! Why does May feel like November? Mind you, my back yard is as green as an Irish meadow. Which is fantastic if I lived in Dublin, or in Limerick or in fair Cork. But NOT in Halifax!!! Almost one year ago, May 23rd 2011, it was sunny and 30. Global warming can kiss my ass and so can all you acorn loving hippies with your outrageous t shirts, hemp shorts and open toed sandals.  Al Gore, you friggin’ liar, screw you too.

Halifax is a city with a crap load of hills, bring on the rising water, we’re good.  Besides, if the damn sun will finally come out, it’ll dry things up a little! I think the whole city is coming down with Seasonal Affective Disorder. I hear they have a lamp for something like that.

I want to see some God damned sunshine so I can officially kick off summer in style!

In closing, I defer to the good lads from the Creaky Boards? Asking the musical question, Where’s the Sunshine?

PS *I know bitching about the weather on some blog online isn’t actually going to change anything, so save the smart ass comments…


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