My First Summer in Nova Scotia…

5 Jul

We finally get a blast of summer this past week here in Halifax, starting to see what people were talking about when, in the middle of January would say, just wait til summer. DAMN!! Now this is more of what I’m talking ’bout! Had an awesome time exploring the Valley this weekend, walked along the sea floor in the Bay of Fundy in Blomidon Provincial Park:

Bought some fudge at Hennigar’s Farm Market and fulfilled a lifelong dream of being photgraphed inside a giant cob of corn:

I also had a wee pint and some lunch in Wolfville:

(That isn’t me by the way, that was Baywatch’s David Hasslehoff)

It’s the time of year to relax a little, waste some time and kill a few braincells. It’s also a time to kill a few braincells. Where was I going with this? Oh yeah, summer timewaster movie of the week, One Crazy Summer with John Cusak Demi Moore & the man that tried to set the Tonight Show on fire, Bobcat Goldthwait.




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