The Old Ballgame…

11 Jul

I used to love going to the ballpark as a kid.  I was a HUGE Gary Carter fan.  Loved the Expos,  I spent my 18th birthday at Olympic stadium with my Uncle Mitch watching the Mets, then watching a Mets fan gets pwned by Expos fans when he said “we americans own you canadians”.  Lesson learned?  Only say that when you’re at a Habs game.  Just makes better sense. I know some Canadian ball fans will jump up and say Blue Jays!!!  To them I say WHAT?  Like I could ever cheer for any sports team from the GTA.

But like a lot of ‘spos fans, my heart was broken by Major League Baseball in 1994 when they pulled the plug on the season, with the Expos having the best record in all of baseball. Once that was done, I checked out. You’d think that a guy named Cub would follow the Cubs. You’d be wrong. To me, it was all about Tim Raines,  Andre Dawson,  Warren Cromartie,  Steve Rogers,  the Spaceman Bill Lee,  Delino Desheilds,  Dennis Martinez and for one season in 1984, Charlie Hustle himself, Pete Rose, who recorded his his 4,000th hit at Olympic Stadium.  The only other pro to hit 4000?  Ty Cobb, who was one miserable SOB and quite the douchebag.  I miss Youppie (I know he’s with the Habs now, but it’s not the same)  & I miss steamed hot dogs from Olympique Stadium.  I even miss the strange music they used to play in the stands,  like frenchified versions of motown hits.  Now days, this is considered entertaining. At least he didn’t fall on his head while trying to catch a ball… Too soon?


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