Goodbye Earl…

16 Oct

A big part of my growing up in Ottawa revolved around 54 Rock, the BEAR & Earl Mcrae. I loved hearing Earl driving Doc & Woody nuts with 10 minute long sports commentaries, usually revolving around cricket scores and aussie rules football scores just to piss off my old boss, Gordman. I loved Mcrea’s McWorld and his page 6 columns in the Sun had the ability to make you laugh, piss you off & hopefully get you thinking. I’m really going to miss him. I loved having him on with us whenever we set up shop at Moe’s World Famous Newport Restaurant, home of the Elvis sighting society. I loved how he took the old Ottawa Rough Riders to task for drafting a dead guy. I loved how he would refer to the Sens as the Ottawa Senatsnores because of how god awful and boring they were 20 years ago. Earl had a way about him, that x factor, he was the kind of guy you wanted to be around and a guy that took up the whole room, in a good way of course.

Earlier in my career, while going by the name of Slappy the Producer at the TEAM 1200, I had the pleasure of working with one Earl’s sons, Scott. Scott told me all about the bed time stories his Dad would tell him, using voices and creating characters and making bedtime fun time. Earl was full of life, an original and someone that I will miss dearly. Earl was a friend and a big fan of sticking it to the man. I’m also proud of the fact that his last performance as D. Vinnie Boobazanga on the radio happened while I was working at the BEAR. Back when it meant something.  I remember one night sitting down with Earl and Dominic D’Arcy, Ottawa’s singing policeman and they told me, don’t let the bastards get you down.  True dat Earl. True dat.

Hope you’re having a fried peanut butter and banana sandwich as I type this Earl. You were a real man’s man and you will be terribly missed.


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